1. How and when did you first hear of Twitter?

I first heard of Twitter about a year ago, but I wasn’t actively involved in “Tweets” until a client sent me an invitation to join. I did sign up. Managed to ignore it. And then started to get actively involved about a month ago for my own PR consultancy and for my book review blog.

2. When did you first start Twittering?

A month ago. February 2009.

3. Why does Twitter appeal to you? Why do you Twitter?

On the PR side, it’s a fast way to notice and reviewers for clients (childrens toys and authors). For the book review site, I want to increase my traffic numbers and be part of the book review community.

4. Did you immediately jump right into Twittering, or did it take you a while to start Twittering regularly?

I started pretty fast once I got involved.

5. How much time do you spend each day on Twitter?

I check in about every hour during work and tweet a few times on my activities or retweet a comment or two. I’m not obsessive.

6. When someone asks you what Twitter is and how it works, how do you describe it?

It’s like Facebook’s status updates, but short and sweet. Your updated reach a larger community and it’s instantaneous.

7. If you could follow only three people on Twitter, who would they be and why?

Assuming they are on Twitter:

Alan Furst, he’s one of my favorite authors

Roman Polanski, favorite director and I have a huge crush on him

Michiko Kakutani, she’s the NYT lead book reviewer and although she can be tough on authors, I really like her style.

8. Do you have any pet peeves re: Twitter?

It can get quirky. The updates sometimes get stuck and it takes a while for them to reload. I wish the search function would be more precise.

9. What do you think Twitter’s future is in 1 year? 5 years? Do you think you’ll still be using it?

I have a feeling that this will be part of the Google empire. Since I use Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger, I’ll be incorporating it more often. I already have it on my book review site, www.exiledatthebeachbookreviews.com

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